Human's Mind - A Garden - A short play


"Human's Mind - A Garden" is a play that explores the power of positive thinking. It's inspired by a famous book called "As a Man Thinketh." The story is set in the past, in a place called 19th-century England. It follows the journey of two college students, Marcus and Angela. They want to understand how our thoughts can affect our lives, just like how a garden grows.

With the help of a wise teacher and Church Father named James, Marcus and Angela learn how to take care of their minds, just like a gardener takes care of a garden. They discover that having good thoughts is like planting beautiful flowers, while bad thoughts are like weeds that need to be removed.


"Human's Mind - A Garden" was created because of the ideas in "As a Man Thinketh." I wanted to show these ideas in a play. The play's story happens a long time ago in England. It shows how people in the past thought about their minds and learned from the church. The characters Marcus, Angela, and James represent people who want to learn and be wise.


In conclusion, this drama titled 'Human's Mind - A Garden' aims to prompt you to contemplate your own thoughts. Just as a gardener tends to plants, you will understand the importance of nurturing your thoughts.

Note: To enhance your understanding of the archaic words used in this play, you can refer to the dedicated archaic words dictionary available on . This resource provides meanings for the archaic words used throughout the text.